Why do you only ship at a designated time?

Since all our makers are small-batch makers, we try to group as many orders together as possible for a bulk buy, so we do not incur wastage. The result is that we don't ship as soon as an order is in, but create a system that you would expect shipping only occurs in a regular basis. 

How do you curate the products?

Our products are curated in collaboration with our regional curators, who are experts in the region that knows about the products. The products are tried and tested to be in good quality. 

Why local products?

By embracing local products we supply small batch products to metropolitan areas, minimize transportation, maximize accessibility, and showcase local producers for merchants and venues. Currently we are mostly serving New York City and all producers are sourced near the New York City metro area.

What to expect in the box?

We highlight the local producers and reveal the list of products for each box at the start of every season. Each box will feature a selection of products found by our curators based on the theme/flavor of the box category. Sometimes, due to the small batch nature of some of the products, there may be different combinations of products for a category in a single season. Interchanged products will be similar or of equal value but may be from different producers. 

For subscription plans, we will select small collections of the best flavors each season for every box category!

Why donate to Donors Choose?

Not only does Donors Choose has a great cause to support classroom projects, we find that they are able to support real projects directly and immediately for the education of our children, albeit small amounts. Small-batch goodness all around for everyone!

Do you have physical locations?

Yes! We will be at Fulton Center Ground Floor (near the Fulton St entrance) in Manhattan from November 25 - December 23 in Manhattan as a pop-up. Find us there!