Gift Box Subscription


The Small Batchery Gift Boxes are curated seasonally once every quarter (Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall). If you would like to purchase subscription for next year, pre-order now!

We have limited production per season and they will run out!


Winter Box

From spices and mixes, to bitters and elixir, we would find the best seasonal flavors for your warm drinks and the best compliments for your liking for meats.

Summer Box

Wonders of the product of summer, seasonal flavors and products out of the productive season in the heat. Let's savor the product of the summer season in this curated box of local small-batch products!

Spring Box

Sprouting and energizing, the spring box would be filled with new wonders of spring with refreshing flavors from small-batch makers curated locally.

Fall Box

A celebratory time, and a season of gifting. Pre-order your limited edition small-batch item for the holiday season ahead for your family and loved ones!